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Beyond Reach

By Quentin Golsteyn Godot Engine • Posted January 12, 2020

For the 2020 nwHacks Hackathon, my friends and I decided to design and develop a video game using the Godot Engine. In 24 hours, we wanted to create a game from start to finish, including creating the game art ourselves. We ultimately created Beyond Reach, a 2D platformer set in a martian space station. You are in danger and need to escape. Trouble is, there is no gravity in space and any wrong move could mean you will end up floating away forever.

The player is tasked with jumping from ladder to ladder, whether affixed to a wall or crate. In certain levels, you need to use the laser to open doors to get access to the next stage. In other levels, you need to jump on crates to help you access new areas of the map.

Players control their character with the mouse. left click makes the character float to the target, right click shoots a laser that activates doors and other switches. Once you let go of any ladder, you can no longer change your course until you manage to grab another surface, whether a crate or a wall. Therefore, you must be certain your next jump will bring you where you want to be. Thankfully, you can always restart the level by pressing R.

The player art was particularly challenging (and fun!) to make.
The main game soundtrack, composed in Garageband

I also worked on the game art and soundtrack, making this project my first introduction to pixel art and music composition. I am quite happy with the end result!

Hi! It's me!
Written by Quentin Golsteyn
A front-end developer based in Vancouver, Canada.

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